Top Winter Destinations In California

Winter is right around the corner, and many people will be going on day trips to experience the snow. From Christmas to simply wanting to get away, there’s bound to be a destination for everyone. We’re going to highlight popular places during the winter where you can take a day trip or have a great vacation. Here are our top picks for winter destinations in California!

1 – Yosemite National Park

Established in 1890, this famous National Park is 95% wilderness and features downward ice slopes that attract millions of tourists every year! Yosemite is famous for its mountains, rock climbing, and winter activities and is the oldest ski resort in California. I remember going there as a child, sliding down snowy mountains, and it was so much fun. If you want a family vacation, Yosemite National Park is the place to be at! Be sure to enjoy the view of the snow mountains and take lots of pictures!

Yosemite is also known for its granite rocks and remnants of old rocks and features many mountains. You can also do many activities at Yosemite, such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and rock climbing. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of wildlife at Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is a must on your bucket list for all of your nature needs!

2- Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located on the border between California and Nevada. It is the top destination in the nation for skiing. Lake Tahoe is also home to lakeside resorts all year round. There’s always something to do in Lake Tahoe. However, Lake Tahoe is primarily known for skiing. Other activities at Lake Tahoe that you can do are water sports, with the most popular being sailing, hiking and bicycling, and motorcycling. There are even casinos where you can go gambling. While there are many skiing destinations, Lake Tahoe is the best for skiing.

3- Mount Shasta

Imagine driving far up north to California and seeing this snowy mountain as you go on the highway. That is Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta, located in Northern California, is an ice-top volcano that is a must-visit for outdoor adventurers and explorers alike. It is the fifth highest peak in California and ranked as the second-highest peak in the Cascades in California.

Mount Shasta is also a story of many legends from the Klamath Tribe. They hold the belief that the Spirit of the Above World, Skell, is located at Mount Shasta and that it fought with another spirit, Llao, by throwing hot rocks and lava.

Modern-day Native-American rituals are practiced at the mountain and Mount Shasta, a city located close to the mountain. A Buddhist monastery known as Shasta Abbey is also situated on the mountain top.

Mount Shasta is also a place for daredevils to visit. Whether the volcano is active is unknown, but the United States Geological Survey rates it as a very high-threat volcano.

In April, there is also a climbing season and lasts until October at Mount Shasta. It is recommended to climb in the summer for safety reasons and avoid avalanches; however, many people go during the winter. There are also skiing activities that happen at Mount Shasta. Check out Mount Shasta, located in Northern California, if you dare to go.

4- Death Valley

The hottest desert in the world is one of the coldest winter seasons. It is perfect to go hiking in the Golden Canyon next to Death Valley and to see the gazing stars. Be sure to check out Badwater Basin, a unique feature located at the lowest geological point in America! Grab a blanket and enjoy the stars under Death Valley’s chilly, breezy weather.

5- Lake Arrowhead

Want a fancy vacation? Then, check out the resorts at Lake Arrowhead. This beautiful lake draws thousands of visitors every day, a mountain resort paradise located in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Its cold weather makes it a top-rated destination for skiing and fishing. It is also a popular destination for conferences and golf.

If you want a quieter vacation in a small town in the cold winter, Lake Arrowhead is the place to go.

6- Monterey

Monterey during the winter gets very foggy and chilly. Famous for its aquarium, you can do great activities like whale watching, and it is great to get the view of the ocean from Monterey in chilly winter to experience the feeling of the breeze.

You can start your day trip with a hike in Monterey in the chilly weather and then stop by Downtown Monterey for a quick bite to eat and a nice warm drink. The downtown area is known for its very friendly environment.

The whale watching is definitely worth watching at Monterey.

7- Big Bear Lake

Perhaps considered one of the most underrated destinations for winter, Big Bear Lake has a lake that freezes from late November until January. Because of this, many people go ice skating, and you can even go horseback riding on the snowy trails atop the snowy mountain!

Big Bear Lake is a must for animal lovers, outdoor adventurers, and explorers for something new and to explore a new place.

We want to hear from you! What’s your favorite place to visit during the winter? What day trip did you take during the winter? Anything we missed? And for more great day trips and traveling information, visit our Limon newsletter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

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