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Our app recommends a feed of travel itineraries — written by travelers who have made the trip themselves — so you’ll always have ideas for budget-friendly activities, fan-favorite food spots, scenic photo-ops, and everything in between…

no matter where you’re at.

Your 24 hours should be spent doing something fun, not researching and budgeting for your next adventure.
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Our Product

When life gives you Limon

The first of its kind, Limon is a travel app designed to get you off your phone and into the real world. We’re here to satisfy your travel needs! We’re powered by our community of users who . . .

. . . and most of all, have more fun with less stress.

Perfect for first-time visitors and experienced locals alike, our platform is here to help you squeeze as much fun as you can from each day trip. 🍋

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Mission and Values

Our mission is to create a global community of day trippers that rethink the way they travel as we move into an era where the lines are beginning to blur between work, life, and travel


Planning day trips can be a lot of work – that’s why our community can plan the trip out for you! The Limon app offers crowd-sourced itineraries for a variety of adventures near you. Squeeze the day, open the Limon app, find an adventure, and head out to the world.


We believe people are their zest self when they come together. We’re taking a refreshing approach to our app by encouraging individuals to share itineraries of day trips they have gone on with their family and friends. We hope this allows everyone to get travel inspiration from the people they trust.


When life gives you Limon, squeeze time in your week to go explore! With Limon, adventure is at your fingertips. There are a variety of day trip options to choose from in our app, all recommended to you by members of your trusted community.


Our app isn’t just dedicated to traveling enthusiasts: from daytrip rookies to experienced adventurers, Limon is created for and by people from all walks of life. We welcome everyone to our vibrant community of daytrippers.

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