Jocelyne’s Day Trip To Huntington Beach

Our morning started with a 1-hour drive from the Inland Empire. My friends were visiting from Seattle, Washington Fourth of July weekend, and we decided to visit Huntington Beach to spend time together. As soon as we arrived in Huntington Beach, all of the houses were decorated with American flags, and we were in the Fourth of July spirit.

We decided to park near Jack’s; we arrived at around 1 PM, and there were still a few pits left, but by 4 PM, they were reserved. We unpacked the luggage and set it up around the fire pit. It was heavy, but the weather was cool enough not to get us hot! Huntington Beach is walking distance from the beach, so we walked to CVS pharmacy, about three blocks away, and grabbed chips, firewood and smores. 

After returning from the store, we went to Jack’s and bought burgers, fries, and chicken tenders. They were delicious and only a few steps away from our fire pit. We spent a few hours playing some games and listening to music. We decided to get into the water as well. The water was cold, so I decided to just run in, and as soon as I got inside, it felt amazing. We spent about 20 min in the water and watched the plans fly above while floating. 

Part of the group decided to check out the Huntington Beach Pier Plaza Celebration on the 4th of July. They had drinks, food trucks, carnival rides, and a parade down Main Street. They brought tacos and quesadillas from the food trucks. After dinner, we made smores and enjoyed the sunset. We spent the day at the beach until 9 pm & got ready in the car, and headed to downtown Huntington Beach! Our first stop was Killarney’s Irish Pub, where the DJ played some great songs. Next, 2nd Floor, where the drinks were $5 & the songs, lighting, and ambiance were fantastic! We danced the night away and ended our night at Hotspot Pizza & Grill. The pizza was excellent, and the restaurant was open very late!

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