International Yoga Day

It’s International Yoga Day! Grab some friends, enjoy excellent yoga by the beach at Huntington Beach, and enjoy what Huntington Beach has to offer!

The great city of Huntington Beach has a great daily event called Yoga On The Beach, free yoga classes in which it is donation-based, so you can pay what you can or just join in the fun! The Yoga On The Beach event is also located next to the Huntington Beach Bike Trail and is on the beach where you can have fun surfing! After doing a great yoga class, have fun biking with friends and surfing alongside the beach.

Bike alongside the Huntington Beach Bike Trail to have fun downtown! Downtown Huntington Beach is gorgeous and a destination that everyone recommends when visiting! Stop by the Farmers Market that takes place downtown every Tuesday from 5 to 9 pm where you can not only buy fresh produce but check out jewelry and pottery.

After a nice bike ride, check out milk & honey. They are known for their avocado toast and housemade lavender latte, which we highly recommend trying both after a nice long bike ride. Or, for another amazing coffee shop recommendation, we highly recommend 602 Coffee House! Try their signature Banana Foster Cold Brew, a new signature coffee that was just introduced to the shop. The coffee shop is so famous they just opened a new location in Costa Mesa! The shop is also famous for their avocado toast topped with sriracha and also known for their acai bowl!

Then, check out Sandy’s Beach Shack, a California-style eatery famous for their pizzas and surf n’turf located right on the beach. Start your day off by cooling off with their ceviche featuring shrimp and wonton chips! Or, if you love poke like me, try their Ahi Poke Stack. Perfect starters to cool off and enjoy with your friends! The shack is also known for their mai tai and tacos! They even feature a swordfish taco! You can stop by during any time of the day on your day trip because the shack also serves brunch. What better way to enjoy the beach than have a mimosa with eggs benedict! You can’t go wrong with trying great food by a great beach!

After enjoying delicious shack food, check out Huntington Beach Pier. The shack is located right on the pier, so visiting the pier is great for photography, the view, and to digest food. Enjoy some great beach activities to do by the pier as well like playing volleyball with friends for example! Other great beach activities to do are paddleboarding and surfing. Or, you can keep practicing yoga and meditation while enjoying the sunset of Huntington Beach!

When it’s the evening, stop by the Farmer’s Market in Huntington Beach where you can continue to enjoy great food as Downtown Huntington Beach has many great restaurants and to finally end your trip and to end the night, check out Hurricanes Bar & Grill, which features an outdoor patio and a DJ to enjoy some partying and dancing with friends!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Huntington Beach? What’s your favorite place to visit in Huntington Beach? Let us know in the comments!

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