The Mission Inn Day Trip

We wanted to get away for just one day. We live in Orange County at the beach, so we were looking for something a little different. All of the hotels started looking the same until we came across the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. 

Just one day. What can you really do in one day? All I have to say is if you go to the Mission Inn, you better get ready to snap some pics. 

Modeled after California’s iconic missions, you will feel like you actually stepped back in time. I almost do not even want to write this blog because I want you to go there and experience it first-hand. 

After viewing some pics online we decided to book a room! We checked in at 11:00 AM, but our room wasn’t ready. However, they did have a suite ready for immediate check-in, but it was a $75 upgrade. Since we were only staying one night, we thought, what the heck, this place is so amazing; let’s see what they have for a few bucks more! We continued to the top floor and could not believe how cool the entrance to our room was. We almost passed it up because we thought it was a store or something!

Upon entering, we were surprised to see a four-poster bed in what felt like a studio apartment, with complimentary delicious Mission Inn chocolates, robes, slippers… the whole shebang. It was definitely worth the extra $75!

We noticed there was a pool, so we headed on down, which took extra long because I could not help but snap a slew of photos- photo ops galore. Pool bar, pool, jacuzzi… Riverside gets pretty hot year-round, so it is pool weather much of the year. After hanging out at the pool and enjoying a few cocktails, it was time to get ready for dinner, so we headed back to the room at sunset. The lighting on the Mission Inn architecture was insane.

After getting a little dressed up, we headed downstairs again to pre-game at the bar downstairs called the Presidential Lounge, where MANY past presidents have visited! Evidently, there was another bar in the hotel, so clearly, we had to hit that one as well before walking across the street to Mario’s Place, the incredible restaurant across the street where they have world-class cuisine at a realistic price. 

Flash-forward to the next morning; we had reservations in the courtyard for breakfast. If you want to make a day trip out of visiting the Mision Inn instead of staying overnight, I highly suggest brunch at the Mission Inn. What an experience as you look up four floors at the incredible rustic historical design.

It was tough to leave, but I was coaxed out of the hotel by Casey’s Cupcakes next door, a winner in the Cupcake Wars! I not only left with cupcakes, but my complimentary slippers and chocolates, and memories from just one whole day that will last a lifetime. Visit the Mission Inn.

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