Top Fall Destinations In Southern California

Everyone loves a good Fall day trip. Luckily, Southern California is a great place for day trips and features wonderful beaches and hikes for a great day trip with your friends and family. To celebrate Fall, we wanted to list many great state parks and places that have beautiful views and where you can do a day trip.

Malibu Creek State Park – Calabasas, CA

Located just 25 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles, Malibu Creek State Park has over 4,000 acres of land to see Fall. You can do hikes, bird watching, fishing, and horseback riding. There are also beautiful sycamore and oak trees located across the trail.

After a great hike, we recommend going to Downtown Los Angeles to see all the many great trendy spots to have fun with your friends such as going to the coffee shop for example.

Idyllwild Nature Center – Idyllwild, CA

Prefer a quieter place than Los Angeles? Check out the Idyllwild Nature Center, located within the San Jacinto Mountains which features tall pines, cedars that smell sweet, and large rock formations. The town also features local and small businesses, restaurants, and shops. There are also many beautiful trails that you can take and you can also have a picnic with loved ones while admiring the beautiful while smelling the sweet smell of cedar. Idyllwild is an ideal place for weekend day trips and to hang out with friends and family.

Oak Glen – Yucaipa, CA

Oak is known for its orchards and farms, an ideal day trip to do in Southern California. You’re invited to pick apples and pumpkins over at one of the farms in Oak Glen. MomsLA features locations to do apple picking and even featured Oak Glen as the ideal day trip destination. You can even make your own cider! You can find apple picking locations here: 

Green Valley Lake

Green Valley Lake is a popular day trip destination in Southern California. It is known as the “best kept secret” in the San Bernardino Mountains. It is a great weekend getaway for your friends and family. It is a colorful lake with red, yellow, and green trees and a beautiful lake to enjoy the scenery. If you like camping, we recommend Green Valley Lake as the place to be at. Soak up the wonderful sun on the lake and enjoy a nice swim and going on a boat ride through the lake.

Anza-Borrego State Park – Borrego Springs, CA

Anza-Borrego is known for its desert wildflower blossoms in the spring. However, in the fall, during nighttime, there are constellations and features cool air, a rarity in Southern California. It is a different scenery than your typical fall considering it is the desert. It is the ideal for stargazing, campfires, and s’mores with your friends and family.

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