Halloween In Los Angeles

As the leaves turn orange and the weather begins to chill, the holiday season grows closer and closer. The first of many, Halloween is a fan-favorite amongst the festivities occurring in the fall. Spooky baskets, haunted mazes, and pumpkin spice make this time of year autumn heaven for people who celebrate all things scary! This October, consider taking a trip to Los Angeles to discover some new eerie destinations to keep your Halloween routine novel. Here are the top 4 places you should visit this Halloween for the best scares in LA.

Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights

A classic among horror movie enthusiasts, Halloween Horror Nights has been running at Universal Studios in Hollywood since 1992. From September until the end of October, you can visit one of the eight horrifying attractions that will be sure to leave you screaming for help. The haunted mazes and Terror Tram, formerly known as the Studio Tour, alternate themes each year, inspired by an iconic scary movie or character. This year, enter the terrifying cinematic realm of Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill HouseThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, The Curse of Pandora’s Box, The Bride of Frankenstein, along with the Terror Tram morphed into the world of The Purge. However, what makes Horror Nights a must-see destination is the frightening transformation of the entire amusement park. With themed scare zones in all corners of the park, you’ll never experience a dull moment running from monsters as you walk from maze to maze. Tickets range from $77 to $109, depending on which day of the week you plan your visit. Whatever your scare tolerance, venture into the horrors of Universal Studios before the haunted mazes are gone till next year!


A story-based, haunted house walkthrough incorporating elements of an interactive theater, Delusion is a one-of-a-kind, immersive horror experience. Taking place in the 146-year-old Phillips Mansion in Pomona, this year’s installment of the event will unfold a tale focused around Esther Phillips, a real-life widow who once inhabited the mansion. “Reaper’s Remorse” unravels as you enter the estate as Esther’s guest, braving an “open world” concept in which you can explore her manor for as much time as you please before and after the show. From September 16th to November 21st, you can immerse yourself in the world of Esther Phillips’s haunted artifacts, starting at $89.99. For just $30 more, you can upgrade to a VIP ticket for special access to the secluded second floor, explore Phillips’s private collection of artifacts that uncover exclusive story threads, and enter the Dark Arts Private Bar & Lounge. 

Halloween Organ, Film, and Music 

A Halloween tradition for many, the Walt Disney Concert Hall hosts a silent cinema accompanied by a live organ soundtrack each year. Along with the screening of ​​John S. Robertson’s 1920, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde organist Clark Wilson will be adding to the eerie atmosphere with a concert performance of the score. The film will take place on Halloween day, starting at 7:30 pm. Ticket prices range from $34 to $67, depending on your seating area. If you’re a fan of live orchestral music and scary movies, Walt Disney’s Organ and Film is sure to make your festive night a blast. 

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 

Last but not least, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride returns to Griffith Park this year for its 13th installment. Set in the mid-80s fictional town of Midnight Falls, there is no shortage of scares to explore here! The Haunted Hayride takes you through the terrifying town muddled with the spirits of the underworld summoned by a witch’s curse. At the Town Square of Midnight Falls, you’ll find the epicenter of the festivities with a scare zone packed with townsfolk interacting with guests. The Midnight Mortuary hosts an open house where guests can tour the morbid property, and the Dead End Diner, an old rest stop at the edge of town, now features a frightening twist. From September 24th to October 31st, you can visit Midnight Falls with General Admission tickets starting at $45.99. To upgrade to VIP and reduce your wait time, purchase tickets that are only $15 more! You can also select tickets that include only the Haunted Hayride, priced at $35.99. For a Los Angeles native Halloween event, be sure to check out the annual LA Haunted Hayride!
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