International Tea Day

International Tea Day is around the corner, and we found an adorable cafe that everyone should check out! Morning Lavender in Tustin, California, is our winner for the best tea place in Orange County! While this tea shop may be located in a quiet city, Tustin, California, is full of hidden gems like the Old Town Tustin and The Market Place, Tustin’s outdoor market. This small city is an excellent place for a relaxing, quiet day trip.

Morning Lavender Boutique & Cafe is not only a great place to grab tea but also features a boutique within the shop! This unique destination features incredibly gorgeous casual dresses, all the while enjoying a sip of tea! The shop also offers tea kits that you can take home to enjoy their delicious tea from the comfort of your own home!

Their most popular drinks are the ones that have Lavender in them, such as their Lavender latte and Lavender milk tea. This unique tea shop also serves milk tea with their most popular milk tea containing Taro!

This boutique and cafe are so well known for their tea that they even feature a tea service in which traditional afternoon tea time and items are served. Their afternoon tea service is available on Saturdays and Sundays at 10 AM, 12:30 PM, or 3 PM and includes four finger-sized sandwiches, three small desserts, and a traditional scone in true British style.

The cafe is also famous for its pastries, so we highly recommend arriving early. Due to the popularity of their pastries, they always sell out early, and the cafe is also famous for its avocado toast.

But, of course, as we mentioned before, tea is not the only thing they are famous for. This cafe is also a boutique for your shopping needs. They also feature merch such as their homemade lavender syrup and feature beautiful tea sets.

The business is also a minority woman-owned business as Kim Le owns the company, and 90% of the employees in the shop are women. Kim Le, an Asian-American entrepreneur, also runs her blog called Lace & Locks and is a wedding photographer and fashion blogger. She created Morning Lavender after being inspired by the beauty and style surrounding her. She has carefully selected each piece of clothing you see in Morning Lavender. You can also shop online on their website:

This cute shop is a great place to start your day trip. The clothes they offer for sale are gorgeous, and we recommend indulging a bit and sprucing up. We highly recommend starting your day trip by visiting Morning Lavender and enjoying a nice cup of tea with a pastry for breakfast while shopping for their clothes.

Then, check out Chaak Kitchen, a modern Mexican restaurant featuring Yucatecan roots and Mayan culture with Spanish, Caribbean, and Mediterranean influences serving brunch on the weekends. One of the restaurant’s most unique features is not only its gorgeous outdoor patio, but the restaurant also features wine imported from the Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico! Start with their Ceviche Campeche, an octopus ceviche, while enjoying their Chaak House Margarita featuring 100% agave lunazul reposado. But, one of my favorite drinks to have at brunch is a mimosa, and this restaurant has a Guava mimosa that features their housemade guava-pineapple juice that’ll hit your sweet spot.

After enjoying an excellent starter with a nice light, refreshing drink, one of their most famous dishes is their Tacos de Cochinita Pibil (pork shoulder tacos with escabeche). Or, if you want to share a plate with your friends, try their Enchilada en Cazuela.

While this restaurant is known for brunch, it is also known for its dinner menu, and having dinner on their gorgeous outdoor patio is a great way to spend your date or have a great time with friends and family!

What do you think of Tustin, Morning Lavender, and Chaak Kitchen? Let us know your thoughts and comments down below!

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