Labor Day Weekend In Southern California

Labor Day is a day to honor workers across the country. Many people think about taking trips or going out of town for the weekend. With that said, here are three day trips and destinations that you can go to to have fun on Labor Day weekend.

  1. Newport Beach, CA

For those of you who love to spruce up and shop, look no further than Newport Beach, California. Newport Beach, a beautiful harbor city full of lovely shops and restaurants. You can check out so much in Newport Beach that it can even take you more than one day to explore everything.

Located within Newport Beach is Balboa Island, an island full of small businesses that contain local shops and restaurants. So, not only do you get to experience lots of shops and restaurants in Newport Beach, but you also have a whole island that you can check out for yourself!

You can also experience Balboa’s most popular desserts: the Balboa Bar and the Balboa Frozen Banana. The kind of restaurants that we recommend you check out at Newport Beach are the seafood restaurants as Newport Beach is located near the ocean and is known for its seafood.

  1. Laguna Beach, CA

Like Newport Beach and named one of the best places for local dining, Laguna Beach is another excellent destination for shopping and dining. Laguna Beach also has lots of wilderness for all your outdoor and adventurous needs.

Laguna Beach is also home to many local arts, such as the famous Pageant of the Masters, an art festival that features paintings worldwide. For people who love art, the Laguna Art Museum is a must check out, and be sure to check out the many art galleries located in downtown Laguna Beach!

  1. Los Angeles, CA

There’s no more prominent destination than Los Angeles. Home to many attractions, museums, shops, and restaurants, Los Angeles, is the capital of trendy items. Los Angeles is a city that you must add to your list of day trips.

While Los Angeles is known as a celebrity city, it is also home to many small businesses, shops, and restaurants. It is such a vast city that it will take many years to truly explore Los Angeles.

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