Nicole’s Day Trip To Ventura

Nicole Wakeland, a Content Writer Intern at Limon, explains her day trip to Ventura, located northwest of Los Angeles, and the places she recommends going to on this day trip.

Nicole lives in Isla Vista and decided one day to make a trip to Ventura with her boyfriend.

She first went to the Ventura Botanical Garden. The ticket price is low, and on some days, you can go in for free. There’s also a lookout view at the Botanical Garden: “There’s a big cross, and you can drive and park there. Great place to picnic, hang out, and check out the view,” says Nicole. She recommends this as the last thing to do on your day trip.

After going to the Ventura Botanical Garden, she went to East Main Street, a 5-minute drive from the Ventura Botanical Garden. East Main Street is known for its trendy shops and a coffee shop called Palermo. Palermo is a cute small coffee shop business that has stuffed animals, and they also serve gelato: “It’s not like going to Starbucks, and it’s higher quality.”

After going to the Palermo coffee shop, Nicole decided to check out the thrift shops on East Main Street. Nicole goes to stores because she likes thrift shopping. Nicole recommends checking out East Main Street: Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, Coalition Thrift, the CAN thrift store, and other vintage stores. There are other thrift stores in Ventura that you would want to check out that are not on East Main Street. The thrift stores close at 4-5 PM.

For dinner, Nicole goes to get Thai food at a place called Rice by Mama. They have two locations, one called Rice and the other called Rice by Mama. One is closed by certain times.

At the end of the day, Nicole and her boyfriend go to Ventura Pier to watch the sunset and hang out.

Nicole states that if she’s going to make a day trip to Ventura again, there are many other restaurants that she would want to check out.

Nicole’s biggest tip for a day trip to Ventura: don’t go on Tuesdays because everything is closed. Any other day is fine. If you want a more outdoor experience, there’s the Ventura State Beach Park. If you’re going to go to a bar, Nicole recommends a Finny restaurant on East Main Street and State Street. She sometimes likes to grab a drink there.

Ventura is an excellent place for young people to go if they are looking for a quick getaway from school. It is also an ideal location for those who love shopping and want to support small business owners.

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